Beating the heat, Gluten-Free style.

Well, we in the Pacific Northwest don’t need to visit Dallas Texas or Las Vegas anytime soon, as their weather has come to us! An absurd heatwave has swept over the city over the last few days, and everyone’s doing everything they can to stay cool.  Those of us with air-conditioned offices seem to be keeping good attendance this week, go figure!

When it comes to eating in this heat, it can be uncomfortable, stifling and generally un-fun.  Sure, there are parts of the world that deal with temperatures in the hundreds all the time, but for the temp-sensitive, a scorching day can kill your appetite completely!

Here are some ideas for cooling, delightful summer food that will soothe that grumpiness and keep you away from a hot stove entirely.

Mark Bittman's 101 Salads

Mark Bittman's 101 Salads



Berries! Eating berries straight off of the bush straight out of the fridge, perhaps in a smoothie, perhaps with some yogurt is a great way to eat healthy, stay gluten-free, and requires no cooking whatsoever. But best of all, you can leave all of your hot appliances alone!


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