Even ‘Old Spice Guy’ eats Gluten Free!

Even Old Spice Guy has gone Gluten Free!

Paola Loriggio Special to the Star

Going gluten-free used to be a culinary death sentence, the heavy price of relief for those with celiac disease.

Now the diet has become part panacea, part exotic lifestyle, largely thanks to a growing roster of celebrities who say it keeps them slim and healthy.

Gwyneth Paltrow, Rachel Weisz and Victoria Beckham have all reportedly cut out gluten, at least for a few days’ detox. Jenny McCarthy claims the diet lessens her son’s autism symptoms, despite lack of clinical support.

And Isaiah Mustafa — the hunk best known as “Old Spice guy” — credits a vegan, gluten-free cleanse for helping him maintain those washboard abs.

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