Carl’s Jr. Offers Gluten-Free Burgers!

Carl's Jr. gluten-free burgers.

As someone who has never been to Carl’s Jr. (a.k.a. Hardee’s), I cannot say whether this is tremendous news or not. But I can say that they take good food photography.

On a page describing their alternative food options, Carl’s Jr. plainly and humorously describes their gluten-free food offerings. “Lose the Bun, Lose the Gluten” takes you to a page that shows three of their burgers naked, wrapped in nothing but lettuce. While somewhat cheap of them, it’s a playful and decent way to bring their existing products to a Gluten-Free audience. And indeed, the lettuce wrapped burgers look just as robust and colorful as their bunned-counterparts.

I’m not much of a fast food eater, but I do feel obliged to give these burgers a try. Have you tried one? Will you? If so, be sure to leave us a comment!


One thought on “Carl’s Jr. Offers Gluten-Free Burgers!

  1. Just Jenn

    I used to roll the dice at the Carl’s Jr. in Vancouver, Wa. occasionally and never had a problem with their burgers or fries long before they even knew the words “Gluten Free” but were aware of the whole “Low Carb” craze. Nice to see that now they’re taking the Gluten “thing” a little more seriously… either that or they’re just cashing in. Maybe the other Carl’s Jr’s will be safe to try now too?


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