CNN Declares a Gluten-Free Diet as…Sexy!

Drop that bag of….flour. (?)  Yes, we’re cool, people. You and I already knew it, but thanks to celebrities publicly getting in on the game, we’ve now gone from legitimate to LEGIT. 😉

All kidding aside, it’s good to have a gluten-free diet being talked about, discussed, and shared. It will help increase awareness, food options, and perhaps even treatments. Let’s just hope things don’t backfire, and the demanding celebrities don’t turn our lifestyle into a ‘fad’ that is here today, gone tomorrow.

via CNN Eatocracy:

Jennie Bragg is an Editorial Producer in CNN’s Money Unit. Previously – Gluten-free and well-fed: the sneaky stuff

Fashion week has come and gone here in New York, but with all the models, designers and wanna-be fashionistas roaming about town just a week ago, I got to thinking a bit about trends. Like shoulder pads and last season’s romper, diets tend to go in and out of style.

So what’s hot right now? You guessed it: the gluten-free diet.

Popularized by celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Elisabeth Hasselbeck, the G-free diet is all the rage. Once a solution for those diagnosed, like me, with celiac disease, now 93% of gluten-free interested dieters have never been diagnosed with celiac, according to research by the Hartman Group, a consumer research group.

So if you don’t have a gluten allergy or intolerance, why are you eating gluten-free?

Maybe you have ADHD or migraines or another medical reason; there are dozens. Cutting out gluten has worked health wonders for lots of folks. But eating G-free is tough, and if you are on this diet to lose weight, you may have chosen the wrong path.

First, you have to consider the way you are eating. A gluten-free diet can be similar to many other diets if you do it right; it’s high in protein, low-carb, lots of fruits and veggies. This all sounds very familiar. We have heard it from doctors, nutritionists, and weight-loss books for years. On the other hand, if you are simply planning to substitute gluten-packed foods with gluten-free foods, you may find the weight loss more challenging.

Many gluten-free products substitute wheat flour with ingredients unusually high in carbohydrates, like potato, rice or corn starch. This can often lead to a spike in blood sugar, and according to many medical professionals, you may end up packing on a few pounds, rather than losing them. (Fashion Week models, don’t try this at home.)

I did not go gluten free to lose weight – and believe me, I didn’t lose any. I was diagnosed with celiac disease and was trying to get healthy first and foremost, but I must say, the super-trendiness of this “diet” has worked in my favor. Thanks to millions of dieters testing the gluten-free waters, G-free products and G-free restaurants abound. While it may not be for everyone, I hope the gluten-free trend doesn’t go the way of the shoulder pad anytime soon. It is certainly working out for me.


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