Estrella Damm DAURA…the best Gluten-Free beer in the world?

Estrella Damm Daura, many consider to be the very best GF beer!

Whoa, quite a claim coming from a Spanish brewery. But they seem to be backed up by a number of awards, recognitions and firsthand accounts. I’m late to this news, but since I’ve yet to see it available, and no distributor has sent me a sample, perhaps I’m not that late to the game afterall. 😉

Where to buy this beer? It happens to be available at Portland’s own Belmont Station, whoo! I will be checking it out very soon. Like, this evening!

Read below for the full-on story…


DAURA, which was launched in Spain in 2006 and is now available in 12 countries worldwide, is the first of its kind within the gluten-free beer category. Unlike other gluten-free options, which use sorghum as a substitute for wheat or grain, DAURA uses barley-malt to provide the “real beer taste.” A proprietary brewing process strips the gluten protein from the barely malt, leaving only the “real beer” taste. Because the gluten protein has been stripped away, DAURA’s gluten content level is less than 6 parts per million (ppm), far below the 20 ppm required for gluten free products, according to the Codex Alimentarious, the international food and drinks standard set by the World Health Organization and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization.

DAURA is the result of a four-year investigative research project between the Estrella Damm brew masters, the Gluten Unit of the Centre of Research of the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science and various celiac associations.

“DAURA is a light, smooth and refreshing lager beer, which has been embraced by global beer lovers whether gluten intolerant or not,” said Justin Fisch, Marketing Director, US Beverage LLC. “And, early results in the US show that the brand has tremendous appeal and will continue its award-winning ways.”

DAURA is a two-time winner (2008 and 2009) of the “Best Gluten-Free Beer” at the annual World Beer Awards.

Celiac’s Disease (CD) is an allergy to the gluten protein, which is commonly found in wheat and other grain products (pasta, bread, pizza). More than 3.2 million people in the US are officially diagnosed with CD. And studies indicate that as many as 1 in 133 Americans have a form of CD. There is no cure, only avoidance and dietary changes.

“Until recently, adults living with Celiac’s Disease could only dream of having a gluten-free option that tastes like a real beer,” said Fisch. “Gluten free options were few and sadly lacking in real beer taste. The entrance of DAURA to the US market changes that!”

DAURA (5.4% ABV) is available at select on-premise accounts and in 4-packs (suggested retail price $7.99) in national off-premise accounts such as Whole Foods, Publix, Harris Teeter, Total Wine & Spirits and BevMo.

About Estrella Damm Brewery
Damm is nowadays one of the biggest beverage companies in Spain. The company has seven beverage production and bottling plants across the country.

In line with the diversification strategy initiated a few years ago, the Group bases its activity around three main areas: Drinks, Finance, and Logistics and New Economics. Beer accounts for the largest proportion of the group’s business. This structure gives Damm, more than 130 years after its birth, a successful combination of modern and traditional values.

In 2004, in its pursuit of sustained growth and consolidation in the market, the Damm Group agreed on a strategic plan for 2004-2010. The plan comprised industrial investments of 241 million euros, the fundamental objective of which were to enhance and streamline the production capacity and develop the logistics installations.

Execution of this plan has enabled the company to double the production capacity of the factory at El Prat de Llobregat in Barcelona to 5 million hectolitres and turn it into one of the most modern plants in Europe. Similarly, the company has comprehensively invested in creating a large logistics centre of over 228,000 sq m at the ZAL industrial park, which is adjacent to the factory at El Prat de Llobregat.

With this strategic plan, the company aims to bring Estrella Damm, “The Beer of Barcelona” to markets around the world. This strategy is succeeding and Estrella Damm is now available in many bars and restaurants in several different countries; among which include relevant markets such as the UK, USA, Australia, Sweden, Norway, Italy and Germany

28 thoughts on “Estrella Damm DAURA…the best Gluten-Free beer in the world?

  1. Alex

    Estrella is definitely one of my favorite gluten free beers, aside possibly from Green’s. You wouldn’t happen to know any businesses around Portland that sell Estrella? Cheers on a great post; here’s a link to our list of places serving gluten free beer in Portland.

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  3. Colin Walsh

    This is the first gluten free beer that tastes like “Real Beer”!!
    It Rules, thanks for making it happen!

  4. karen

    I love the beer, i’ts amazing, tastes like real beer but why so expensive????? £7.20 for a pack of four!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t help being gluten free!!! bring the price down please and serve in more places, ie restaurants and bars

    1. glutenfreepdx Post author

      We agree, Karen, it’s absurdly expensive! For me (Ben), I only purchase gluten free beer on special occasions, preferring cocktails and ciders for my main alcoholic beverages. It would be great to have a cheap, pleasant, easy-drinking gluten-free beer for everyday.

    2. Matt

      Hi my name is Matt and I am the Regional Manager for the Brand based in the UK. We are working with national restaurant chains to get the product more accessible. Unfortunately its so expensive down to the fact that we need to increase the throughputs and distribution points and of cause the unique brewing process we have for the production. Thanks for showing interest all

  5. timmy

    I am celiac. Unfortunately I can not have this beer. I have tried this beer along with another celiac friend and we had a reaction from the beer. We had no other outside influences to cause this reaction. This makes me sad cause this beer tastes so good

    1. Sarah

      Timmy, I had a reaction as well. I am upset that the company keeps advertising this product as safe for celiacs.

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  7. Bobby's Beds

    Bloody Good beer bought normal Estrella damm last week by mistake bad reaction but also tasted quite bland Daura is stronger and a lot like Super Bock and it’s now £6.00 for four at Asda this coming from a welsh man! We welsh love our beer lol

  8. magnuminsp

    I just got this today at an ABC Liquors in Boynton Beach, Fl. So far, I haven’t had any negative reaction to it and I have had three!
    It is very tasty and has a lot of body and flavor considering it isn’t a dark beer.
    I am very happy as now I have two beers to choose from. this one and Redbridge.

  9. birrifera

    I prefer the European version of GREEN’S gluten free beers. They have a real beer taste because they are brewed with deglutinized barley malt (not other cerials). Green’s produces 5 different beer styles from a light Pizza beer to a dark meat beer. The Blonde Ale is absolutely fantastic. Try it with oysters! For more info:

  10. Wayne Roper

    You need to be selling this beer in Canada. We discovered it on a trip to Florida this year and it fits our gluten-free lifestyle well. Please contact LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario) and entice them to offer it, especially in the Kitchener area.

    1. birrifera

      May I recommend GREEN’s gluten free beers. There is no comparison to the Estrella Daura. Mr. Green, who is a British Celiac, produces 5 gluten free craft beers in Belgium. They are all made with deglutinized barley malt and therefore have a REAL beer taste. The Blonde Ale and the Dark Ale are just amazing!

      1. birrifera

        Hi there! Here’s the name and address of the American importer:
        Merchant du Vin Corporation
        18200 Olympic Avenue
        WA 98188
        Tel. (001) 253 656 0320
        Fax. (001) 253 872 5530
        However, as I said in my previous comment, the American version of Green’s beers is different. But it’s worth a taste anyway!

  11. Brett

    You know how a good European, old-school, beer has that floral taste to it? This beer reminds me of a good 4-ingredient German beer. It is far, FAR, better than Green’s. Green’s ALWAYS gives me a headache and has this weird metallic aftertaste, and tastes similar to beer, but doesn’t really taste like beer.

    Estralla, is the real deal. I hope it catches on across the world. I would love to be sitting at a table with my friends and be able to order a pitcher of gluten free beer that didn’t produce the expected ‘bitter beer face’ I’ve come to see in my friends’ faces.

  12. Sarah

    “Until recently, adults living with Celiac’s Disease could only dream of having a gluten-free option that tastes like a real beer,”

    I’m still dreaming of it… I won’t touch this stuff again. It made me sick.


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