A Good Neighbor to Have

We Portlanders have things pretty good, even those of us who have to (or choose to) subscribe to a gluten-free diet. As our website testifies, the options for gluten-free food are great.  When it comes to drinks, Portland also shines. Aside from wine, saké and whiskey bars, there are excellent cocktail bars and taverns in the Portland city limits.  If you didn’t know it already, Belmont Station is a great resource for gluten-free beer, also.  This excellent little shop now resides on SE Stark street, and it’s variety is impressive for gluten-free beer drinkers, not to mention all of those ‘normal’ beer drinkers.

Belmont Station is a showcase for the best and most legendary beers from Oregon and beyond. Over 1000 beers have been carefully chosen, religiously rotated, and properly stored under UV-filtered light in order to maintain the freshest selection of beer in the Portland Metro area.

We strive to fulfill customer requests and supply our neighbors with their beer of choice, whether it’s a six pack of domestic lager or some obscure Belgian ales. If you have questions regarding beer availability or special orders please click HERE. Please note that due to importation and distribution laws we are limited in what we can legally carry, but if it’s available in Oregon we’ll gladly order some for you.

While beer has always been our raison d’etre, it’s far from the only beverage in the building. We also carry Portland’s most extensive collection of cider and mead (honey wine), as well as a small, carefully chosen selection of wine and sake.

Visit them to check out their big selection and talk to someone who is really knowledgeable about their inventory.  They’re located at 4500 SE Stark Street Portland, OR 97215. Their Twitter account (@belmontstation) will give you updates on the many beers they stock, though make sure to ask them if you have something special you’d like them to special order.

The current selection of gluten-free beers at Belmont Station.


One thought on “A Good Neighbor to Have

  1. business review

    ….May 29th 2010 .Author ……Just in time for the Memorial Day holiday weekend my husband brought home some gluten free beer. Two different kinds to be exact. Bards and Redbridge. Both are made from Sorghum..Just as some background I like to mow the lawn. I have a gas powered push mower with the big wheels on the back. We have two acres that are cleared and the rest is wooded. When I mow the grass its my time to think reflect and get some much needed outdoor exercise. And when I am finished I always love having a nice cold beer. .Of course that was way before celiac disease. Now I havent had a beer in almost 25 years. My drink of choice since celiac has been ice cold lemon water. I know far cry from a beer but it quenches a thirst. So when my husband arrived with two bottles of gluten free beer I was really excited and just a little hesitant to try it. Would it be as good as I remembered ice cold beer tasting?.First I tried the Bards it was really good. I mean really good. It tasted like real beer. At least what I thought I remembered real beer tasting like. So I said to my hubby Taste this and tell me what you think. He said Its good..Later I tried the Redbridge it was good too. More like a pale ale than a regular beer. I used to drink a darker beer when I drank beer so the Redbridge seemed a little weak to me..My preference..Bards. It just tasted more like a regular beer. Even though Redbridge by Anheuser-Busch was the first ever produced I think the guys at Bards Tale Beer Company have nailed it..By the way there are more and more restaurants adding gluten free beer to their menus. Outback Steakhouse for one and P.F. Changs for another. If they dont serve it yet at your favorite restaurant keep asking. The more they realize there are a lot of us out here the more they will be willing to provide for their gluten intolerant patrons..If you have tried any of the other gluten free beers please leave a comment below and let me know what you think of them. What was your favorite and why?.And I feel I have to say this drink responsibly please do not drink and drive. The life you save will very likely be an innocent sober person…….Posted in .Tags …..


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