Petunia’s: A Wealth of Flavor

Even in a city Portland’s size, distinct communities are tightknit and close. The Gluten Free community in Portland is growing, but still small enough to be approachable.

I know Lisa Clark of Petunia’s Pies & Pastries from the gluten free community, and have been trying to catch her at the PSU Farmer’s Market for a number of weeks. Not only do her treats tend to run out during the day, but Lisa herself is busy enough that she is sprinting from event to event, providing custom GF catering.

I was thrilled, however, to catch her and her great co-baker on a recent Saturday morning. Their stand at the market was already abuzz, despite the absolute treasure trove of other food and produce options.  Apparently, word-of-mouth really does work.

Lisa was charming and helped me pick out a huge number of baked goods, from pie to cupcakes to donuts and cookie bars.  What I really like is the inventiveness with flavors, and the expression they put into their baking. Cookie bars rivaling anything out there, donuts that would look at home in a Voodoo donut case, and decadent, fresh cupcakes. She didn’t even let me pay!  The freshness of everything was apparent, and I struggled to think how I would carry all of these treats home by bicycle.  I didn’t. With the charm of the market sounds and smells, I sat down and dove right in, tasting tart berries, coconut and peanut butter blend beautifully.

Indeed, Petunia’s has gotten the recipes for their inventive baked goods down, and are delicious. A great resource for Portland, and great people, which make it all the sweeter.

Thanks, Petunia’s!

Visit Petunia’s at the PSU Farmers Market every Saturday 8:30am-2pm for an exclusive selection of specialty pastries & desserts!

Find their sweets everyday at Whole Foods markets, Blossoming Lotus, Cloud Seven Cafe, Ruby Jewel Scoop Shop, Spoke Coffee, Mississippi Pizza & Seven Virtues Coffee.


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