Local Author Releases Cookbook ‘The Gluten Free Asian Kitchen’

“The Gluten-Free Asian Kitchen”
Laura B. Russell
Celestial Arts, $23, 201 pages

Via The Oregonian

In a nutshell: For anyone who’s gluten-intolerant, Asian cooking can be a minefield because so many staples, like soy sauce and hoisin, contain wheat. But with Russell as a guide, the diverse world of Asian food can be a safe and delicious place to eat. (Full disclosure: Russell writes FOODday’s monthly Gluten-Freedom column.) Moreover, the recipes in “Asian Kitchen” look so appetizing and accessible that even those of us who do eat gluten will gladly take a seat at the table.

Take a taste: Yakuza Cucumber and Avocado Salad: Korean-Style Chicken Tacos; Steamed Sea Bass With Sizzling Ginger; Pork Tonkatsu; Five-Spice Berry Crisp; Mango With Sweet Rice and Coconut Sauce

What’s hot: The book’s guide to gluten-free Asian ingredients is exceptionally well done, covering everything from kecap manis to tempura batter. For each ingredient Russell provides a gluten status, an alternative, if any, and available brands. We’re also happy to see that most of these dishes can easily be done on a weeknight.

What’s not: The curry soup recipe calling for 3 tablespoons of red curry paste might be way too spicy for those of us with tender tastebuds. You have been warned.

–Katherine Miller


One thought on “Local Author Releases Cookbook ‘The Gluten Free Asian Kitchen’

  1. Gina

    Hey, good to know! It’s always good to see local authors getting published, but to have a local GF book is great! I hope there are some dim sum recipes in there. Thanks for the post!


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