Local Sponsors Wanted!

Hi GlutenFreePDX readers,

It’s fall! The hot sunny days are (probably) behind us, and it’s as good a time as ever to get back to work.  First we wanted to say thanks a lot for your awesome support in making our site as popular and well used as it is.  This autumn is going to bring a lot of new additions to the site, with cuisine-specific listings, improved maps, reviews, and lots more.

We also hope to switch the site from a partially Google Adwords supported model to one that is based off of full local sponsorship. What better way to keep the site relevant than to bring in local businesses who want to support our project while also promoting their businesses?  We think it’s a win-win, and we’d like to extend the offer to you, and your business.  In the next few weeks you’ll see some new local sponsors show up on our site’s main pages. These sponsor ads are small and unobtrusive. You won’t ever find an annoying flashing ad for lower insurance rates on our site. Hopefully, it’s businesses like TarBoush, one of our local sponsors who serve great Lebanese on Hawthorne. They have a wealth of gluten-free items, all of which are well marked on their menu.

Our Sponsor adspaces are simple and affordable, and we will work with you to get your ad looking great. Simple is good, right?
Contact us for the coming fall season, and we’ll get your sponsor ad up within a couple of hours.

Thanks again for using GlutenFreePDX.com!


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