If someone were to ask you to name some national dishes of Brazil, what would you say?

Well, up until recently, I would have drawn a blank. But thanks to Jewelie Schultz of Sina Baking, I now have a great answer: Paobread!

Jewelie came by today and we talked about her small business, making this unique bread which she discovered while studying abroad in Brazil in the late 90s. Today, she runs Sina Baking, which makes three different kinds of Paobread.  It’s a unique, chewy biscuit/roll pastry that could be the Brazilian equivalent to a bagel in New York.  And naturally gluten free! As someone who doesn’t do much baking, I was thrilled to give them a try, and after a mere 22 minutes in the oven, I had warm, steaming orbs of deliciousness.

I don’t wax poetic about food very often, but I thought the Paobread was fantastic.  A great texture and flavor, I would definitely recommend you eat these right out of the oven.  Jewelie brought over the original, jalapeño, and her new flavor, garlic and onion, which was beautifully rich with flavor.  The savory aspect make them go beautifully with a meal, and while the packaging says two are in a serving, I may have eaten more than my fair share. 😉

The Paobread is sold frozen, a dozen to a bag. They are super simple to bake, and I highly recommend all three flavors that Sina Baking offers. Available in a wide variety of shops around the Portland area, including News Seasons and Whole Foods.  You can find a list of places to buy here.

Thanks again to Jewelie for sharing her treat, we’d love to hear what the community thinks!


5 thoughts on “Paobread

  1. Polly D. Leitão

    As far as I know there is no such thing as Pãobread in Brazil! From her website I could gather that is based on the ‘Pão de Queijo’ (which translates as cheese bread which is written on the front of the package) which is a very common snack in Brazil. Just to clarify, if you ask for a Pãobread in Brazil, people will have NO clue what you are talking about!

  2. GroundCherry

    I’ve been intrigued by it (it’s easy to find mixes for it here in Boston), but one of the main ingredients in the mixes is trans fats. Sigh. I’ll have to look for the frozen ones when I’m in Portland.

  3. Tracy Clune

    There is another company in Portland also making brazilian cheese bread. They make smaller ones and my family loves them. Brazi Bites they are called. So tasty. I’ve loved Pao de Queijo for years since I leaved in Florida and they are so easy to find there.

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