Musso’s Almond Cookies


My friend Ian turned me onto Musso’s cookies, which are naturally gluten free, and quite addictive! Found at Zupan’s in Portland, these cookies are made of almond paste, sugar, egg whites and leavening. That’s it! The egg whites give them a light, crunchy texture, and the almond flavor comes through really fragrantly.

I’ve not been to Italy, but can imagine eating a plateful of these cookies along with a strong espresso while sitting in a village cafe in the Italian countryside.

As gluten free cookies go, I strongly recommend them on taste, texture and at 3-4 bucks for a big box, pretty cheap too!


5 thoughts on “Musso’s Almond Cookies

  1. Jeno

    Any idea if the bakery addresses cross-contamination issues at all?

    I bought a box (yes, delicious!), but I am not trying to work out if my unhappy-belly is caused by these cookies, or still recovering from my accidental gluten exposure from last week (wheat germ in Keihl’s lip balm, FYI).

    Working out what is truly gluten-free, and what is made with gluten-free ingredients, can be tricky. But it’s important for folks whose guts will rebel…

    1. Barbara

      I am extremely sensitive to gluten contamination and had no problem with these cookies. Also, they make a wonderful pie crust with the addition of melted butter. The recipe is in Maida Heatter’s Book of Great American Desserts. See the Savannah Banana Pie recipe.

  2. j weil

    Musso’s Almond Cookies has been taken off the market after being acquired by Sugar Foods (sugar I suggest calling them and letting them know how you feel about this.


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