New Site Sponsor: Sina Baking, a.k.a. Pãobread!

In the age of Google, it’s clearly evident that you as an internet user have a billion choices to find your information. We also know that within our own realm, there are a handful of gluten-free guides for our part of the Pacific Northwest.  So we strive to make GlutenFreePDX the most used GF dining guide around.  The site now boasts over 120 dining/drinking establishments with verified gluten-free choices, as well as dozens of other businesses that cater to a gluten-free audience.

We’re also hoping to keep the site active, updated and local, and relevant, which is why we seek local sponsors to support GlutenFreePDX.  We’re excited to share our latest local sponsor, Sina Baking, better known for their awesome baked goods, Pãobread!  Jewelie Schultz of Sina has become a monthly sponsor, and you can see her ads on our site, here.

There are three awesome varieties of Paobread, and we’re big fans of it. Indeed, we made some to share over Thanksgiving, and  our non-gluten-free friends were very impressed.

So, we wanted to say thanks again to Sina Baking for their support, and make sure to check out our post about their Brazilian cheese bread here!

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