Oregon Cracker Company

I had the pleasure of meeting Jeff Lee from Oregon Cracker Company recently, and he was generous enough to share with me a whole bunch of his tasty new products, all of which are gluten free.

A newcomer in the cracker world, and one that fills a need in the local gluten-free market, Oregon Cracker Company’s products are tasty and unique. The crackers are around the size of a ‘Cheez it’, and indeed they offer a sharp cheddar cracker, which is excellent. The crackers come in three flavors, and have a great, healthy flavor. They are non-greasy, and are also dairy and corn free. In addition, the company makes granola and granola bars, both of which are excellent. I went on a very strenuous hike the other day, and brought along some of the granola bars with me. After 7 miles of hiking, the granola bars were delicious and nourishing, and shared eagerly with my non-gluten-free friends, who also really enjoyed them.

Jeff just told me that the company’s offerings will now be available for sale at local New Seasons stores, as well as various other retailers in town, and on the company website. Below is a sample package showing nutrition facts and ingredients.

Thanks to Jeff and Eric from Oregon Cracker Company, we now have a great addition to our gluten-free shopping. Their products are definitely GlutenFreePDX approved.



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