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San-J, Doing Gluten-Free Diets Proud

We don’t often feature a company out-of-the-blue without them having a brand new product release, but after having some extremely tasty black-sesame rice crackers from San-J, we felt they needed some recognition. Originally from Japan, San-J opened up a Tamari brewing facility in the United States many years ago, and remains family owned, eight generations in.  They are definitely the go-to option when it comes to naturally gluten-free tamari soy sauce, and their product line has quietly expanded into sauces and crackers.

We like every product we’ve tried that they make, and judging by their website, there are a number of new ones yet to taste.

From San-J’s website:

Who follows gluten free diets and what are the benefits?

For people with celiac disease, the only way to manage the condition is to follow a gluten-free diet. Through adherence to a gluten-free diet, the small intestine will begin to heal and the overall health of the affected individual should improve.

Gluten-free diets may also be followed by those who feel their overall health improves when avoiding gluten laden foods.

How do San-J products fit into a gluten free diet?

Since most ordinary soy sauces contain around 50% wheat, they are typically off-limits for those following a gluten free diet. However, San-J Tamari Gluten Free Soy Sauce is different because it is made with 100% soybeans and no wheat, giving it a rich, smooth taste and making it ideal for those following a gluten free diet. San-J is the only manufacturer that produces certified gluten-free Tamari in the United States. All San-J gluten-free products are also certified gluten free by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization.

Which San-J products are certified gluten free?

The following San-J products are certified by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization:

Tamari Soy Sauce:
Tamari Gluten Free Soy Sauce (Black Label)
Tamari Gluten Free Reduced Sodium Soy Sauce (White Label)
Organic Tamari Gluten Free Soy Sauce (Gold Label)
Organic Tamari Gluten Free Reduced Sodium Soy Sauce (Platinum Label)

Asian Cooking Sauces:
Thai Peanut
Sweet & Tangy
Asian BBQ
Orange Sauce

Asian Salad Dressings:
Tamari Sesame
Tamari Peanut
Tamari Ginger

Brown Rice Crackers:
Tamari Black Sesame
Tamari Brown Sesame
Teriyaki Sesame

What are San-J’s practices for making its gluten free products?

San-J follows specific sanitation methods in an effort to prevent cross contamination of wheat in its certified gluten free products. In addition, each batch of our certified gluten free products is tested for the presence of gluten. Although the FDA has not finalized a standard for gluten free labeling, all of San-J’s gluten-free products meet the strict standards of the GFCO, which sets the limit at less than 10 parts per million gluten (ppm).

What is the benefit of gluten free certification?

The certification indicates that the manufacturing facility has been inspected by an independent party and the product has been tested. Since there is currently no final ruling on gluten free labeling from the FDA, independent certification also offers a standard for gluten free labeling, lending credibility to products labeled gluten free.

Look for the Certified Gluten-Free logo on the label provided by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization.

Now, if we could only convince restaurants to start using gluten-free Tamari instead of wheaty soy sauce in more of their recipes, we’d really be on a roll. Thanks, San-J!