Tula Gluten Free Baking

Tula Gluten-Free Baking Cafe

Tula Gluten Free Baking Company is getting some tasty press recently, and for good reason. Their mix of great atmosphere and great GF baked goods is a winning formula. Can’t wait to try the whole menu!

From their website:

tula gluten free bakery cafe is a dedicated gluten free space serving a full-line of both sweet and savory baked goods, panini sandwiches, soups & salads in a fresh modern environment. tula offers many items that are also egg, dairy & soy free. We make gluten free easy.

The tula bread selection, which includes both artisan and quick breads, has been created with the special needs of the gluten free household in mind.  We are budget conscious and try provide value to our bread customers. As a sandwich bread, we recommend the par-baked 9″ focaccia bread. Since it still has a way to go in the oven, it lasts longer than a loaf when stored in the fridge and can be frozen. Our olive bread is an exceptional gluten free product that will make you feel as if you aren’t missing out at the dinner table. And both our banana bread and lemon loaf are sure to satisfy as part of breakfast, as an afternoon snack or as a compliment to some fabulous dessert.

We offer delicious beverages sourced from exceptional local companies. Our premium coffee beverages are from a small batch specialty roaster, Lone Pine Coffee Roasters. The coffee syrups that flavor our caramel, mocha & vanilla lattes are made in-house from scratch and we have several alternative milk choices, including hemp, soy & almond.  Choose from a selection of fine tea & herbal infusions from Steven Smith Teamaker and we proudly provide fresh squeezed orange juice. Quench your thirst with one of several seasonal flavors of Hot Lips all natural soda.

Being gluten free in Oregon is a good fit. Just a few miles away from our flagship location is the wonderful Bob’s Red Mill Whole Grain Headquarters where we source all of our over 25 different gluten free grains. Oregon is also the home to several other companies who responsibly source and craft high quality products; such as: Singing Dog Vanilla, Holy Kakow Organic Cocoa, Jem Raw Chocolates, Empire Farms and Trellis Earth compostable packaging.

Via EaterPDX:

Image of Tula Gluten Free Baking Co. courtesy Facebook

Atop the Nines Hotel, Departure‘s Gregory Gourdet shows off his well-honed skill set with exceptional Asian-inspired cuisine, but, away from work, Portland’s Hottest Chef 2012 is mad for the sweet stuff. Although the running/biking/vegan-obsessed chef says he mostly works with healthy ingredients, he still admits to having a huge sweet tooth. “Sometimes I will base whole meals on desserts, like a couple cupcakes, a cookie and a milkshake,” Gourdet says. “I gave up dairy and gluten awhile back to make it harder to eat the really bad stuff, and since then, I’ve sought out every alternative bakery wherever I am.”

Tula is one of my favs. The entire café is gluten-free and lifestyle sensitive. I have ridden by this place so many times since it’s between yoga and work, but it has always looked closed. I made a point to try it one day and literally ate everything in my box before I left the store and I returned the next day. Tula makes really pretty and delicious pastries, many of which are based off old European sweets. All allergens are listed on the pastry cards like, “dairy, eggs, corn” so you know what you are eating and can pick and choose accordingly. There is something for everyone, even if you are on a special diet or not. Everything is amazing and has really great textures like their chewy, salty, chocolate chip cookie made from nut flour, and a moist and tender crumbed orange and olive oil cake. The seasonal berry streusel cake is excellent as well. All the cupcakes are filled with gooey centers, like lemon curd. So good! The pastries are very consistent here and the service is friendly. Mieka the owner is always super bubbly and helpful with questions. The best part is that none of these pastries weigh you down or make you feel heavy after so you can indulge with less guilt. Tula also turns out really tasty baked veggie hand pies and a few pizzas and paninies. Tula will be selling at Local Choice the new produce market opening in the Pearl soon. Dessert for breakfast? Why not?



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