Product Review: Pamela’s GF Brownie Mix

I don’t like many things that come from a mix, gluten free or not, but brownies are one thing I’ve always thought taste just as great out of a box as they do from scratch. With this in mind, I decided to grab a few brands of GF brownie mixes and test which one I liked the best.

Pamela’s Chocolate Brownie was the first I tried and they turned out so yummy that I haven’t even bothered with the rest yet!

I don’t know what the point of calling them “chocolate brownies” is… if they didn’t have chocolate wouldn’t they be called blondies?

Anyway, I made them extra chocolatey by adding a bag of vegan semi-sweet chocolate chips. The instructions offer a variety of different preperations in case you have other dietary concerns: oil or butter, egg or egg-less. I went with the original and added one large egg, 1/3 cup oil and 1/3 cup water.

Yes, that sounded like a lot of oil to me. I probably could have used one more egg and cut down on the oil.

As with most GF foods the instructions low-ball the cook time because it is so darn easy for the food to turn out dry. The bake time said 18 minutes but this was waaaaaay off for me. I don’t know if my pan was smaller than what was suggested, or if it was the addition of the chocolate chips, but it ended up taking 30 minutes to cook these most of the way through.

Because of the generous addition of different preparation styles and because they turned out tasting nothing like icky sorghum flour I give this mix a 9 out of 10!

What is your favorite style of brownie mix? Fudge, blondie, chocolate chunks, nuts…?


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