Tax Deduction for Celiac Safe Foods!

(Rachel originally wrote this story in July. View it here.)

I recently mentioned in my post GF Survival Guide: What I Eat for Breakfast how frustrating it can be to spend lots of money on basic pantry staples just to ensure they’re celiac safe. Then BOOM! I came across two articles explaining a tax deduction for this very issue! 

I’ve gotten a lot more serious about taking advantage of tax deductions in the past two years (probably because I graduated from college). I just moved from Oregon to NYC in June and now I am moving back again. Fortunately, I was at least savvy enough to save receipts from all of my shipping and airfare expenses. It may take a lot more forethought, but I this kind of organization can really pay off!

Here are the two articles I read regarding the Celiac Tax Deduction: 

This is a straightforward explanation of the current deductions you are allowed to include, brought to you by

Their deductible list includes: 

– The difference in cost between gluten items and their gluten free counterparts. 
– The full cost of specialty GF items such as Xanthum Gum. 
– 23 cents per mile spent on travel to a specialty GF store as well as tolls and parking fees. 
– The total cost of postage or other delivery fees of mail ordered GF foods. 
– Admission and transportation to a medical conference about Celiac disease. 

If you’re new at this whole tax deductible thing like I am, then you may want to read this post from for a more detailed explanation. 

Their explanation includes: 

– An overview of the Medical Expense Deduction
– The Gluten Free Component 
– Factoring your Flexible Spending Arrangement or FSA
– The Bottom Line (which may or may not be out of date since Health Care Reform passed)

I am still trying to decide if it will be worth it for me to track my spending and claim this deductible. 

Have you heard of, or maybe even taken advantage of, this tax deduction? I’d love to know!

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1 thought on “Tax Deduction for Celiac Safe Foods!

  1. Josh

    We kept track in 2011. By the time we were done, we were unable to deduct the expenses. I forget the rule now, but I believe it has to be over a certain amount to be deductible. ($5,000 I think?) When we were done subtracting the amount of standard food from gluten free food, it ended up being 600 or $700 I think.


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