Accidents Happen

forkI recently had a meal at an italian restaurant that was overwhelmingly glutenous, but made mention of “gluten free pasta available” in small print at the bottom of their menu.  I carefully pointed out the waiter that I was strictly gluten-free, and I requested one of their pastas GF, with a spicy mussel sauce.  When the meal arrived, it looked amazing, though the gluten-free penne was unlike any I had seen before. It was all fancy and detailed, and at first bite, had way more spring to it than the pasta I’ve had in recent memory.

My eating partner and I agreed I needed to be sure it was gluten-free before I devoured the whole plate. When I inquired “is this really gluten free?”, the waiter took a closer look and got red in the face, and grabbed the plate from my table and ran back to the kitchen.  He was extremely apologetic for the rest of the meal, saying there was a mixup with the order, and when the proper order came out, it was clearly gluten-free, with plain white penne which wasn’t nearly as tender. 😉 He tried to make up by giving me ample free pours of wine and a free dessert, and though I knew I’d “feel it” later on, I wasn’t mad.  He’s human, made a mistake, and felt really bad about it.

Do you encounter this type of mistake often? Do you catch it a bit too late like I did? What’s your reaction?

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