Gluten Free in the Wilderness

The time for hiking, backpacking and camping is here. Yay! I try to spend as many days in my tent each summer as I can, and my friends and I have competitions to see who can spend the most time outdoors. When it comes to eating on camping trips, fast and convenient often wins out over carefully crafted meals. And many of us have experienced group camping situations where the gluten-free options are slim to none. That’s never fun. Luckily, gluten-free options are ever-expanding, and it’s not hard to pack delicious and fun meals and snacks for that weekend in the woods. I always bring corn tortillas along for the trip, they are versatile. You can make simple wraps that are tasty, and an egg-bacon-tortilla wrap in the morning is an excellent camping breakfast.


Trail mix is an obvious choice for hiking and backpacking, as all the ingredients are easy to see. If your trail mix includes fancy stuff like yogurt-covered raisins/chocolate, make sure to check the ingredients. Trader Joe’s has a ton of trail mix options that are gluten-free, and tasty!

Backpacking meals often aren’t gluten-free, even if they claim to be a rice dish. Many of the easily-found freeze-dried meals are pretty oldschool, in terms of ingredients. Steer clear of most of them, unless you’re careful to read all ingredients. Backpacker’s Pantry does have a number of gluten-free choices, and REI’s website has a pretty comprehensive listing.


And how about the good old fashioned S’more? For years I was the one at the campsite who had to have just a marshmallow, and skip the graham cracker. Luckily Kinnikinnick sells S’moreables brand graham crackers that are gluten free. Yes!

What other gluten-free foods do you like bringing to the woods?


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