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Product Review: CalNaturale Svelte

A week back, I was sent a big box from Bailey, who represents CalNaturale. They make a premium energy drink called Svelte, and I had the pleasure of sampling what they make. Here’s how their website describes it:

Svelte provides you with the lasting nutrition and sustained energy you need to navigate through your active and busy day. Each rich, creamy flavor is created with 16g of protein from fresh organic soymilk, along with complex carbs for sustained energy.

I was told to make sure to drink Svelte after it had been refrigerated, and I did as instructed. The four flavors offered are French Vanilla, Cappuccino, Chocolate and Spiced Chai.  They are smooth and creamy, with a good amount of sweetness and flavor. The Stevia used to sweeten the drink has a slight bit of artificial taste, but flavors are well balanced. The TetraPak packaging is really nice, with good design and a pleasing label.

My favorite flavor was the cappuccino, which had a great coffee flavor without being bitter or overly strong. With 20% of your daily fiber and 32% of your protein, Svelte seems like a smart choice for a light lunch or in between meals. Being certified gluten-free is great, and I’m sure many will be happy to find that Svelte is also dairy-free and lactose-free.

•16g Protein
•Only 9g Sugar
•20% Daily value of fiber
•low glycemic
•dairy-free; lactose-free
•complex carbs for sustained energy
•naturally sweetened with stevia
•convenient packaging, reclosable cap

Check out their website to learn more about Svelte, and look for it at places like Safeway, Whole Foods and even 24 Hour Fitness.  And thanks to CalNaturale for giving GlutenFreePDX a chance to review!