Gluten Free Pizza Crust

Now that has a whole listing of pizza choices on our site, it seems appropriate to follow up with some recipes that will satisfy the pizza fan who wants to whip up their own crust.

Indeed, there are a number of local grocery stores that offer ready-made pizza crusts, both pre-baked and in dough form.  With just a little more time, however, you can whip yours up from scratch and feel like a pro.

Here is a quirky video from Gluten Free Girl that shows some steps to make your own crust, using her own recipe.

how to make gluten-free pizza

You want pizza, don’t you?

A number of you who have already been cooking out of our cookbook have written to say a) how much you LOVE it and b) where the heck is that pizza recipe?

We have to tell you a) how much giddy happiness it gives us to think of the book being in your kitchens, and b) on page 156.

Many of you who saw this post back in March started writing to me immediately, asking if you could have the recipe early. Nope. You have to buy the cookbook. And then you found the cookbook in an Amazon box on your front porch and flipped through it, excited, and ended up confused because you didn’t see the pizza recipe. Huh?

It’s there! We promise.

Here’s the secret. The pizza crust recipe is really a flatbread cracker recipe. We realized in the last round of edits what a great pizza crust it makes. So, all we could do was add a few lines onto the end of the headnote and hope you found it.

That’s not good enough for us. We want you to eat good gluten-free pizza.

Here’s Danny, showing you how:

Plus, there’s more…

If you want a pizzeria-style pizza, make your oven as hot as you can with a baking stone. We highly recommend this, not only for pizza but also for all gluten-free baked goods. (Probably, this is true for all baked goods, period.) It makes for nice, even heat in the oven.

You’ll also want to get yourself a good pizza pan or you might want to try a pizza screen, like the one Danny demonstrates in the video. The screen can be a bit more annoying, as the dough sticks more easily. On the other hand, with the air holes the bottom crust of the pizza can get a char as well.

Finally, we really love this Zyliss pizza cutter. I can’t imagine using anything else.

That’s about it. Making great gluten-free pizza really isn’t that complicated.

Oh! Of course. You’ll also need a copy of our cookbook for the recipe.

Pizza! Enjoy.


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